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Thread: boating homes in Havasu poll

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    I am looking for input from those looking to build homes in Lake Havasu,
    as I design the next generation of homes for Havasu, What features are Hot Boaters looking for?
    Size? 2,3 or 4 bdr
    Garage? 2 car boat deep, 3 car with 36' bay, 2 car w/40' plus RV- or 3car with rv parking.
    Front Kitchen or rear Kitchen?
    Price range? Keep it simple, or Load it up
    sorry 5 car garage and kitchenett is not a option (I tried that already)

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    you build them also?

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    Dont forget 8'doors

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Dont forget 8'doors
    9 would be better

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    Have the "Partier" in mind.. lots of rooms..plasma T.V...surround sound...3 car plus boat deep garage and Rv....Kegerators...damn..I think im just trying to create my Dream home... i will end it here...oh..and a grato in the pool!!! :devil:

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    Mrs. 4-B
    IMO - 3 bdr with 2.5 baths. One great room, kitchen placement would depend on where the view is. Garage would need to be a 2 or 3 car with the 40' RV garage. Master bath needs two sinks.
    Thanks for letting me dream a little! :wink:

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    a catered life
    fuel pump outside, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 for the women), some type of moon roof so i can see the stars all night just my weird thoughts

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    yes I do, Summit Homes built 137 homes in Havasu last year, that made us No1 last year

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    yes I do, Summit Homes built 137 homes in Havasu last year, that made us No1 last year
    I love you Summit guys, how is my house on Kiowa coming along ??

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    4 rooms, two of them masters, and if it is a three car garage make the single car part with a 10' wide door.

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