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Thread: East Coast Gathering.

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    Dimarco Kid
    Planning a ***boat get together for next year, let me or Blowndragboat know if any of you are interested in helping plan this baby.
    Dimarco Kid

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    Sounds GREAT,ya should really give Harve DeGrace Md. some thought for the gathering place!...Massive sand bar,good water,there's even a good spot for the 1/4 mile race stuff,great marina (yacht basine)5 bucks for the use of a great ramp!,alot of parking for tow units and trailers,nice little town,open headers ok,I've never seen the law out there ever!I'll give ya more info if needed,just ask...Gotta run for now...latter.

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    Terrible Buddhist
    I'm in. Like I said, would love to do Winnepesaukee.

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    Hey T.Buddist,are you talking about the lake (winnepesaukee)in Lacona N.H.?...I use to go up there all the time for there Bike Week events!It is a beautiful lake,However I've been up there about 10 times,#1...It always rained ...mid june #2...I would stay with friends,during bike week,they had a summer home right on the lake so they also had boats...the water cops were REAL over the transom headers at all!!!I was told by my friends to just leave my boat home and go out on there's.

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    phillyray more thing the water was F--K'in freezing!...beautiful part of the country.

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    Count me in !! and I'll help any way I can.
    Harve DeGrace Md. sounds real good, but I think we should wait to see where people are comming from and try to pick the best place that is as central as possible....
    phillyray,s description sounds perfect though espically the part (open headers ok,I've never seen the law out there ever)

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    you can sign me up for doing it in maryland,hey hot rod you maken it this weekend ? even if your not running you can come down and ride with one of us

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    Dimarco Kid
    Go to hot boat hot spots, Beasts ovtha East.

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