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Thread: Okay Guys, Anybody Got Parts for Sale??

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    As some of you may have read I just recently purchased a 21' Daytona that I have been getting together to use this summer as my have fun at the lake and haul people around boat. After getting it mostly together I have decided that instead of putting a really radical motor in it that I would just buy another project boat to build a two seater hotrod out of and leave the Daytona as a bump the key run all day on pump gas cruiser. Anyways, I will be needing lots of parts for the project boat and I thought I would start a thread where everyone could post up anything they had for sale. Here is a short list of some of the stuff I need ;
    Rail Kit
    BBC motor plates
    Headers (bells or straights)
    Flywheel cover
    Steering Components
    Shift Lever for forward/reverse
    Place Divertor w/manual control
    I am hoping to find a lot of this stuff used since the Daytona has eaten up most of my ca$h! Oh ya, project boat is a basket case 19' Youngblood.

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    I have a place diverter going on ebay next week. I don't think my PM works here so email me and I'll send you a pic when I can.

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