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Thread: Just got the new ***boat

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    Alot of eye candy sooo far :hammerhea

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    SAWEET! congrats. what size is that?

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    scan some pics. LOL!!

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Alot of eye candy sooo far :hammerhea
    is the 28 daytona on the cover or what????

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    Ah, this month I see it is highlighting a different type of it should be.

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    Why is it I NEVER get the mag the first week others are talking about what's in it?

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    Funny, it's been what, 3 or 4 months now that they have been using that same pic of the chick in a plaid bikini on the front of a boat for their subscription page. It's like a recurring centerfold.
    Thank you Hot Boat!

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    Hell I'm lucky to get mine at all........and when I do get it, it's beat to hell. Could hardly read the last one, pages torn and all.....

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    what is it a magazine :supp: HB has a magazine :idea:

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    I got a subscription about a month and a half ago. Got the T shirt, but no magazine WTF!!!

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