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    A friend of mine lost his rudder off of a 1972 sanger 17' flat bottom in the lake due to neglect, age, or a combination of both. He does not have any internet access. My question is does anyone have a used one for sale or maybe some dimensions for one. He is a machinest by trade and could build one if he new what it looked like. He was thinking of building it out of aluminum or stainless. Is there a good or bad reason to use or not use these materials.
    Thanks in advance for the help (placecraft20)

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    He is lucky it didnt come off while on a high speed pass.
    I would just buy a new one, unless you can get a used one in REALLY good shape, which is rare.

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    No Aluminum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How about stainless?

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    stainless is good. I have one on my 63 stevens that has been there since 63 with no problems and I also have one on my 22 laveycraft day cruiser.

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    Lookin for Liquid
    We have a Chromoly Rudder in stock that we put under everything from River Racer to Top Alcohol Flat for $375. We have used this same design for the last 15 years with no problems as it is 100% Heat Treated Chromoly including the shaft and already keyed. Many people on the boards have bought this same rudder.
    Canyon Marine
    661 510-6362

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