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Thread: Shouldered Wear Ring vs Non Shouldered

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I need some views on this issue. Pro's and con's and just general BS.
    What do you feel works better in a river boat - a Shouldered Wear Ring or a Non Shouldered Wear Ring ???

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    I had to run a shouldered wear ring. My thrust bearing went out and the impellor decided to do some custom machining in there.. Im running the plastic ring from HTP. From what I have seen so far, its really nice. Installes easy and has tight clearence.

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    I'm also happy running Duane's Ultimate Wear Ring. As long as he makes 'em, I'll be running nothing else. This one is 15 years old and still sealing great. (probably less than 100 hours on it though)

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    sanger rat
    Jim, I'm running Duane's wear ring too. Hour and a half run time on it.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    :idea: What is the performance gain from a shouldered wear ring to a regular wear ring ??? :idea:
    Thanks guys

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    Jake W2
    Sholdered warering is to save the pump not performance.Why you asking because Jack likes to run nonsholdered warerings?

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    I dont think there are any pros to running a shldr w/r Jim. I could be wrong though.
    If your suction housing is hammered where the shoulder would be then maybe go with a shouldered w/r. Or if you dont have access to a lathe to tighten up the front cl. then go with a shouldered to tighten that up some.

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