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Thread: using heater hose / PCV question

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    Once again thank-you for the cooling system
    tips. Can I be a cheapskate and use heater hose instead of stainless braided hose for my
    water hookups? If so, does someone make all
    the necessary valves and tees so I can hose-
    clamp the thing together? Also, should I
    bother with a PCV system or just vent the valvecovers? I can live with a small power loss if the PCV has some benefit. THANK-YOU.
    P.S. Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area.

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    flat broke
    DO NOT USE HEATER HOSE. Even with a valve on your inlet you can see high pressures on your cooling lines if you are not running a regulator. If one of those hoses ruptures, you will have one hell of a leak until you can close the gate valve.
    PS, if you are not running a valve on your inlet side, you are begging for BIG trouble.

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    Standard,not to good using heater hose,but alot of jetters do.This year I replaced all my braided hose (was getting dirty looking) with Hydraulic,(black)line it has a working ps.of over 1000psi + a spike of over 1500 psi,no jet will ever come close to that,anyhow If ya use 2 dumps out the block, psi will be down, far less chance of a hose burst.However you MUST use a water shut off at the pump.P.S.the alot cheeper than the ss braided.

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    If you wunna go cheap, like me, you can go the heater hose. Just replace it every two years. The gate valve at the pump is a great idea I will use this goround. Another good investment to keep in you boat box is a rubber freez plug. In ten years twice I have replaced one on the lake. Fifteen year old motor and no gate valve may have contributed.

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