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    Can anyone tell me what size I need to resize my pics to so that I can upload them and post.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    650 x 500 is a good size. I usually do 600 x 450 but I think they allow a little larger.
    This just in:
    Images. Please resize images that you post or attach to a thread to no larger than 750 pixels wide. If you wish to have a larger photo then make a link to the photo that people can click on. This will save the bandwidth and page load time each time someone views the thread.

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    Well ya had it the first time what happen :supp:

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    Either size makes me want to go....Where was that taken?

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    Either size makes me want to go....Where was that taken?
    Shasta in nor cal. :lightsabe

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    Shasta in nor cal. :lightsabe
    Lake Shasta is correct. What a great trip. Hey thanks again for the ride in your bad ass boat on Sat. I do have some video of you handin out a ass woppin to that other 28 footer but it didn't comme out very well.

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    Well im almost home I will come over for a beer.I would like to see the vid. Thanks for helping at the launch ramp in the morning and after the drive swap.

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    Microsoft XP has a great "free" utility for resizing pictures.
    Get it here....Powertoys (

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