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Thread: Check your PMs

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    If you don't know it, PMs are now working but the PM notification isn't so you won't know you have new PMs unless you check 'em.

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    Mine work, even the notifications. But, it will say I have unread messages until I delete them.

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    al cole'holic
    This means YOU mbrown2

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    Tom Brown
    I make a point of going into my messages every day and cleaning up the hate mail.

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    Still cant get to mine says I have three????????

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    I feel the need...
    Check your PM also

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    The PM system seems to get worst everyday :jawdrop:

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    how do you check for PM never had that before

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    The PM system seems to get worst everyday :jawdrop:
    Yeah, it's getting wurst and wurst kinda like a sausage party

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