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Thread: Ignition mystery

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    460 with 80's era cpu (new), stock coil (old), 80's era distributor, no points. All electrical connections and ballast resistor are new.
    Now my problem. When I start the boat it runs perfect for about 30 mins then develops a miss and eventualy will die. If it dies I have to wait a while to restart however, if I back off to an Idle, I can keep going back to shore. At this point the Idle most of the time is irregular. If I start the boat, after an hour cool down, I have about twenty mins before the same problem returns.
    I know I have plenty of fuel pressure and kinda suspect the coil is going bad when it heats up...... Any Ideas?? dc

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    Could be the coil, and I always beleive that 82% of all carburator probs are electrical, and I know you said you have plenty of fuel pressure BUUUTTT, sounds like no vent in the tanks. Pop the cap. Bug nests in the vent? Been my experiences.

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    first time it did it I thought about that and switched tanks, no change....thx

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    I like the vent theory. If it is a coil, it should get worse quick till it will not ever start.

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    oops, I don't know how I ended up here. I will post where I should next time....hehe

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    Try changing the coil. I'm 90% sure thats your problem. I had a Mallory coil do the exact same thing on a car.

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    if your using a one wire alternator check the out put sounds like you heating the coil try it with the alternator unhooked just a thought

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    no altenator......thx

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    Hey 77, if im reading it correct it sounds like you are using the factory EEC 4 ignition out of a car or truck right? The module is about 6"x6" with a colored grommet where the wires come out. What you are describing sounds just like a bad module, I see it alot. The wierd thing is that ignition does not use a ballast resistor, the correct coil has a built in resistor. When the boat shuts down do you lose spark completely or does it just get really weak? See if you can check the resistance in the coil first to see if its bad, probably is. Then I would look towards the module even if its new, I get defective ones now and then. The best thing to do would be get rid of your whole ignition system and go with a Mallory or MSD setup, it will run better and its more of a user friendy setup. Hope that helps.

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    It is the unit you described and the spark goes dead. Dam thing has about 5 hours. I am useing it untill I can afford the newer settup. The coil has an external ballast. I believe the thing only cost about twenty. I will try a new one this week and let you know the results.....

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