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    I need expert advice: Has anyone ever changed from a Panther jet to a Berkeley jet? I am interested in doing the change to a 21 foot daycruiser. Anyone have an idea of the amount of time or money involved? Thanks for the help.

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    I cannot help you much, but I know there are a lot of regulars on here that can. They can also likely direct you to an expert in your area (builder) like DuaneHTP who is local for me. He's been building and racing jets very sucessfully since at least the mid 70's.

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    Jake W2
    You will need to cut that pump out then reglass the transom and keel then cut it back out for the berk intake (or what ever intake you use).If you can use a 4 inch grinder sand paper matt(cloth) and resin no problem if not BIG problem.

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