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    newbie Mike
    JBP's website was given to me, as I am searching for a place diverter for my Berkley pump. They are offering a manual diverter, nozzle, control, and cable for $699.00. My question is ---is it better to put in a hydrolic unit or is manual sufficient. I have never operated one, but would think the hydrolic unit would offer more adjustments (up to down) than a manual shifting unit
    Thoughts anyone?

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    What does your budget allow?
    I've Had both in my Kachina. Been a while since I had the manual Jetovator but it was more accurate with the slot stops. I now have a Hydro place diverter that I have learned to enjoy. Its fairly fast. Not as fast as manual but you can usually find the sweet spot quickly.
    If you go hydraulic try to upgrade to s.s braided lines. the plastic ones seam to last a couple of years and thats it. Then you end up with leaks and breaks.
    Also if you decide to go hydraulic get a switch on the steering wheel and an extra diode for the switch. Keeps your hands on the wheel.
    Both are acceptable. You'll like either one.
    I here Rex and HTP have good prices. Both offer advice here.

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    Hi Mike...
    1st...i think $700 is way tooo much to pay for the diverter etc...i think u can find 1 much patient...someone on here has 1 or will have 1
    2nd...i think a manual control is they say on here..."keep it simple"...just my .02 cents worth

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    mine was manual and i like it fine easy to adjust also. isnet jbp price 599? just my two cents :shift:

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    Jake W2
    Try CP Preformance they use to be the cheapest hydrolic was like 700 a few years back.

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