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Thread: Death at The NJBA June 2005

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    Hello everyone,
    In times like these, there's no easy way to this

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    My condolences Randy's family. It's a damn shame and I hope he's in a much better place now.

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    Very sad, RIP Randy

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    Being a brittle Diabetic myself this hits close to home. Prayers go out to the family and Godspeed.

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    Yesterdays services were full of NJBA, IHBA & NHRA racers ... 200+ people. Randy's pit crew pulled out his NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster and parked it in fromt of the church along with Randy's top 10 or so trophies from all the associations. All in all ... with exception for why we were meeting, it was a good service.
    I have posted a picture of Randy's dragster at the service in the gallery ... but I suck at inserting them here, so if someone could help me out here by doing it for me, I would appriciate it.
    Randy was one really close friend and a great help to not only me ... but also to NJBA, IHBA & NHRA racing associations.
    You will be missed Randy ... but the way I figure it, God must have needed you to build one hell of a track up there to be ready for us when we get there.

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    thanks ... note Ron Fuentes in the background ... still wearing his OP shorts!

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