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Thread: looking for a set of stainless gate valves????

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    Where can I find a set of stainless steel gate valves or equivlent????? I need one asap?????????

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    Try McMaster-Carr & do a search under stainless ball valves. They have um.

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    I have SS ball valves but not gate valves. If you need.

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    I have SS ball valves but not gate valves. If you need.
    what is the part number? Also, what is the part number for those nice looking ignition coil brackets?

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    Oops sorry they are bronze with stainless balls (
    For standard round coil use 1/2 set 2" Oil Cooler Bracket (

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    thanks mike.
    I want stainless steel or aluminum gate valves. I am tired of the old brass ones....

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    I got these at the local hardware store. I've had em on the boat for four years. They're brass, but chromed, and the internals are stainless. I got them at an ACE for $5 or so.
    Not sure if they had chromed brass gate valves or not, but these ball type valves seem to work fine.

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    What size do you need. I have a few stainless ball valves with 1/4npt threads. Let me know.

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    I need 1/2 and 5/8

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    Tried to PM this info but I got an error, hate to spam over the Rexgod :hammer2:
    I have ss gates, in my boat.
    I have ss gates, ball valves, and if you want ot go trick ss solonoid valves for you.
    Brian Neal

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