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Thread: Jet Vs. Prop

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    My wife and I are going to be buying a boat soon and are looking at our options. One question I did have was concering Jets vs. props. What are some of the pros and cons of each? I would greatly appreciate any help I could get.

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    Nice to hear your interested in boating. Now you have to make up your mind on a lot of things. What do you want to do with the boat? Is fuel milage an issue? Do you want to throw big rooster tails? Do you want a smooth ride? Do you want to go fast? Props use less gas jets use more. Years of reliability I would have to say jets because nothing hangs outside the boat to get broken or bent when your under way.Outdrives have more moving parts to break. Don't ever own an 2 stroke outboard they don't get the engine hours out of them that you would get out of a 4 cycle engine. Boy im catch hell From the outboard guys on this. My personal boat is a two seater 18' v- drive and I know Im going to catch hell for being on the jet message board.

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    The prop is capable of better speeds.The milage is better you can trim the boat out.will push a heavier boat better too.The jet is cheaper to buy. less moving parts.better for shallow water or smaller boats.and could throw a rooster tail.My own boat is a jet but the next one will most likely be a io

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    I'm with sgdiv7 on this and yeah, I think we'll catch hell for it but what the F*ck....I prefer flats and don't buy the shit about jets being safer. If you practice safe boating it isn't going to make any difference what the drive is. I have only ruined 1 shaft/prop in my 43 years of boating life and that was due to unfamilier waters during a drought. The drawbacks to a flat? less room for stuff, ride is a little harsher and a bit more challenging to drive. Jets seem to be harder on engines as they are always under power, they don't steer unless they are. Thats JMO.

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    spectras only
    Buy a V-drive boat that has class [for good resale value].Just came back from a little cruise on my buddy's 74 18 and a 1/2 foot Riva,SB Crusader direct drive B/W. These boats have a fine forward entry and a shallow 10 degree deadrise for performance.It feels extremely solid going through rough water [has innerliner like Donzi's]and you won't find a much finer boat.You can find one occasionally for a good price [the fibreglass ones],however the mahogany models are extremely expensive.He would sell this model for about 35.000 CDN.You can view a mahogany model he restored on his website at; ( I know these prices are not cheap, but I see a lot of young people forking out up to 60.000CDN for a tournament skiboat ,that will loose it's value in no time.Whatever you buy, go for quality! If cost is a concern,you'll find schiadas ,hallets,spectras,rogers,millers and campbells cheaper with either jets or V-drives.Jets are the simplest [ but least economic, hence higher RPM's required to stay on plane]V-drives are more economic [fuelwise ,they stay on plane at very low RPM's ] Sterndrives are my last choice,expensive to repair,expensive parts wise as well.
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    It's really a matter of where you boat and what you plan to do while there.
    Follow your first instinct.
    Prop is faster, for just ripping around jets are cool.
    That outboard is an inexpensive alternative for the long run, plus has a mean rooster when set-up properly.

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    spectras only
    Barney,outboards I didn't mention,because the setup I'd like [Twin 280HP mercs at 18.500 CDN on a 21 Spectra ,like Mike Avila's]would cost way too much including a boat.

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    I went to Havasu two weeks ago with some friends who had a boat. We met up with some of their friends who had a 25' Baja prop drive. It was so cool, the guy let me drive the boat for a while. That boat seamed so smooth, and accelerated nicely too. Thanks for everyones imput. Much appreciated......

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    spectras only
    the Baja 25 [outlaw] is a sharp looking boat,and cuts trough rough water like knife,but for the price they go for, you could find a better quality boat in the used market with low hours.Just my 0.02 .

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    Hey WBTH
    what do you want to do w/ this boat you and your family want? If ski'ing , crusing and jet is not the way to go,trust me.I've had everything from an outboard tri hull to a 26 ft deep v-io. Deep v is much better in choppy water,as you said the baja rode nice, jets are like hotrods for the water, a blast and I love mine but iI also have an io for when the water conditions arn't soo good. Well that's my .02 worth. P.S. Buy used lot's cheaper.....

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