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Thread: oil puke tank needed!!!!!!

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    I am looking for a oil puke tank. Who has them? How has a good price. I need one asap

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    Eddie Marine,Rex Marine and IMCO sell them.
    This is a Eddie Marine tank on my boat

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    Hey 396,
    I TIG'ed one a while ago. I have pics on my laptop I can send you later.
    I am making another one for my Nordic. The one I made is 6061 and has -10 fittings on each side with deflectors for the oil to drop out of suspension. On the top are two Moroso breathers. On the bottom is a fitting for a drain. I will post pics later.
    18 Ft. Nordic in the works.

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    460 jus getn it
    damn thats nice

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    michael, my buddy has one like new polished, duane mule nix

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    Dam thats Hot! TJS what do you sell those for? All low pro too. Not as bulky as some of the ones I've seen. Do you have a drain plug on the bottom? Great job! My mistake Is see you do have a drain plug :hammerhea

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    my bad michael, it's . :sleeping:

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    would that be

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    Squeezing Spectra
    Here is a couple pictures of the ones we made -12 on each end and -6 drain with stainless mounts.

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