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Thread: x5 BMW or rx300 LEXUS Which one is better ?

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    I am looking at both car, Just want to know which one would you prefer and why ?

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    Depends on what you want. They're both very good vehicles.
    BMW will handle/perform better.
    Lexus has a much higher quality interior (much more luxurious).
    Lexus will have better build quality (slightly).
    More user features inside the Lexus.
    If it's about performance you may want the V8 the BMW is the only one offering that. And their X will out-handle the Lexus for sure.
    Of course Lexus offers the vehicle in a hybrid version that has V-8 like power but it's more expensive than their 6-cylinder.
    What are you looking for from this vehicle?

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    Lake Ape
    germans over japs any day (I'm talking autos here people!)

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    If having a vehicle shaped like an egg is important to you, then the RX is the way to go! (Lexus makes great vehicles, but the RX330 is about as egg-shaped as they come, so unless you're a hen/mom I recommend the X5 of the two choices you provided.) Happy shopping.

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    Yeah cause the German women have a shaving problem.

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    You are killing me
    The Lexus only has a 2000 pound towing, BMW has a 5000 towing. I thought the BMW looks nicer from the inside and out. I am looking for looks and power also. BMW cost a little more, but that is only money. Just kidding.
    When it come to engine, which is more dependable ? I mean which one would break down more ?

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    the lex is a girlie car

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    The BMW dealership next door is great. I`ve talked to all the writers and they tell me if your gonna get a BMW lease it for 3. After the warranty you better make bread to pay for it.

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    Do you mean after the warranty, it cost me a boat and a house to get it fix ?
    Me no girlie, me want BMW, wife wants girlie car, wife do what me say wife do and wife will get BMW.

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    Yes, after warranty, and I don`t meen powertrain warranty either.

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