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Thread: Some "Big Dog" Had a Wrecked His Toys Coming Thru The Nooga (Pics)

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    Been in Mexico for several days and found this little tidbit when I got back

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    I pray that cat had his premiums paid. Damn thats some bread.

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    will bondo fix that????

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    It sure will. 55 gal. drum. That shit fixes anything. I in fact put in a bid to fix the Sphinx with that shit.

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    That will leave a mark :yuk:

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    That is so sad. :frown:

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    will bondo fix that????
    I seen a boat get some damage like that, well much worse cause it rolled. But they put it back in the mold and did some inside glass repair. I was amazing how it turned out, but then again sometimes the damage is not as bad as it seems and does not take much to fix.
    So is that picture of someones boat here on these boards?

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    Any ideas as to what brand that boat is? :idea:

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    I hope it's not....but that looks just like the 42 Fountain that was at our Poker Run this weekend with silver flames.....The guy who owns it is a player for the Tennessee Titans... :frown:

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    AH THAT SUCKS! :jawdrop:

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