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Thread: Blown gas

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    Any of you running a blown gas deal with an 80a-1 pump ?
    Any issues ??

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    Your question puzzles me. 80A-1 is a 7gpm pump and is the correct pump for Injected gas Blown or unblown.

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    Yeah, Just as puzzled here too. It is the correct pump and flow is 7.2 @4000. Just feels like I'm not getting enough fuel.

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    Check your pill size and nozzels for the right match. Bypass could stick too. Weak pump, barrel valve set-up etc etc.. All this happen at idle or wot?

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    nozzels 34, pill 120, 50% bleed at idle from the barrel.
    pump is fresh from enderle.
    hard to start and runs out of fuel after 200 or so yards at 1/8-1/3 throttle. #10 into pump #6 out. tanks are vented as well.

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    Possible "flapper" in the inlet fuel line. Check your fittings and hose carefully. Check barrell valve spool "notch" is approx 12:00 closed and 3:00 open. Check drive spud on pump possibly slipping on shaft. Nozzles and pill sounds ballpark.
    Don't know what fuel tank you have but pump must be wet at all times. If fuel sloshes away from the tank outlet she will dry up and quit, be hard to start due to air in the line.
    T tank or side tanks?

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    Is The Tank Bunged Or Bottom Pull?

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    -10 might be a little small. I donno, just a thought. I had a -12 on mine.
    Also check for a clogged nozzel. It seemed if I didn't strain the fuel every time I'd get something clogging one nozzel. And when that would happen it would do just what you are saying. It's worth a look see anyway.

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    -12 is the norm.

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    Yeah I have had the nozzle's get plugged more than one time, so thats the first thing I do check. I never did think about the -10 line but I thought the -6 was too small, since it has run well before. I did not change them. The tanks appear to be factory Sanger saddle's one is bottom pull and the other is top, Why ? I dont know, was already done. I drilled the vent hole's larger in the fuel cap's and was hoping to check it at CFW. did'nt want to make the hall in the rain though.

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