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Thread: Walters to Martinez

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    Need a little help from the lower colorado river crowd. I got a place in Blythe and for the last few seasons myself and hand full of other jets have been talking about trying to boat to Martinez. Twice we got as far as Walters. The first time the guy at the store at Walters scared us off. Sayed if we didn't know where we were going we'd get stuck. The second time we thanked him for his sage advice and motored on. We got stuck twice before turning around. So can one get from Walters to Martinez? And a better question is could we get back to Blythe same day?

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    Miss Perfect
    I have been from Martinez to just before Blythe. Between Martinez & Walters is very shallow in places. Doable, but be careful. The only advice I can give is make sure that Walters is open and take cash. You'll need to get gas and they don't take credit cards. :hammer2:

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    We have made it from Hidden shores all the way to Hippy Hole. Stopping to get gas in Walters.
    You should find someone who is familar with the route and follow. I know that most of the time we were able to get past a shallow part by staying close to the sides, but not allways the case. So you cannot just gun it and expect to get there, you have to take it slow.
    It is possible to go down and back in the same day, if you start early, but remember water level changes.

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    OK I am going to answer this, but do not recommend doing it by yourself. One Take at least 10 gallons of fuel. Two, if you leave in the morning you are going to end up floating for about 20-25 miles. I float just to make sure I do not blow up the pump. It is way do-able in a long day. Once you get into the reserve you are golden. it is absolutley an amazing day. Go with a couple of boats and really make an entire day of it. If you are familiar with the upper Blythe area, cruzing in at sunset should be no problem.
    If you really wanted to have fun, go down one day, camp then come back up in the morning.
    Here is what I do it in, and it makes it no problem. The one of the left!

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    Good advice about extra gas, cash for gas and go with more than yourself. Its a fun ride, long but fun.
    If you plan on doing it in one day leave super early and head back early and you will be fine.
    We go down from blythe to walters on a regular basis, no worries, its the walters to martinez that is a bitch sometimes.
    Just jets, leave the io's and egg beaters at home. And if its a med or big pig that is scary to. Plan on floating also, its a long haul.

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    there is a place around palo verde you can launch called ox bow, good cement ramp .it's just across and up from hippy hole.from there it's alot closer to walters don't worry about the bottom it's all sand.spent around 6-7 years on that part of river

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    Thanks all- I had heard it could be done in a long day but none of the guys that claim to have done it or know someone that has wants to go again. We've all been to Hippy Hole too. I Feel pretty confident about navigation from the diversion weir above Mayflower park to Walters. Maybe I can find someone from Martinez that would come up to Walters and show us the light?

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    been past walters thru wildlife habit( no ski zone) and well past the other side ,don't worry bring gas you can make easy. p.s. where you at in blythe? we got a trailer in hidden beaches

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    Sounds like an awsome trip my kind of boating

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    I have not done the run up to Walters, but have wanted to for some time. I just need to find someone who wants to run up there with me. That would be cool to run up to Walters and meet some peeps and then have them come down to Martinez. Spend the night at Martinez and head back in the morning.

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