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Thread: Debadge and Detail

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    Again just wanted to share, it's hard to find qualified people that actually do a good job and at a good price so I try and make a point of letting you all know when I find these guys.
    Just had my new 05 DMax debadged and detailed by Billy B's brother Bobby and it turned out great. I mean the truck is so smooth dirt won't even stick to it.
    Pics don't do it justice and they were taken a week after the truck was done and parked outside for a week but I think you get the picture. Bobby did an amazing job, better than I could of done myself in a week and he did it in a day. Their shop is in Upland and I have his number if anyone's interested. Again a great job at a very good price, not to mention he's a pretty nice guy

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    one bump for Bobby

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    I Just Saw This Post And Would Be Interested In The Number????? Truck Looks So Clean W/o The Badges And Stickers.....

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    Bobby's cell number is 909-938-5242. Tell him you're a ***boater. It's been over a month now and my truck still shines better than new.

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    Thanks For All The Info....just Tring To Get A Feel For What I Want To Do To The Truck.....i Don't Want To Get To Crazy With The Motor, Just Bump It Up A Bit For The Lift And Tires....ur Truck Looks Has A Very "clean" Look To It....
    Thanks Again

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