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Thread: Squirt 2

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    Anyone know of NYE`s Squirt 2 project. How fast is it up to? This boat is awsome! I gotta get one of these. (

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    Wonder if they got rims for the trailer?

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    Does anyone know about the pump? How can they power up out of the water. Is the gearbox able to disengage?

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    The output shaft has a disc brake. Not mechanically connected to the rest of the engine like a V8. Easy to hold, just has air blowing across the turbine. Like holding on to a turbos wheel and then starting the engine.

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    Hell, I just gotta be the talk of tha town!
    Gotta love all us bench racing fags!
    BRF,,,,,,,got my copy of MONSTER TRACTOR PULL right here! The pretty red one has 28 fully blown and nitroed 687c.i. motors. Gotta be around,,,,,,,,,,,,hell its got as much torque as the Space Shuttle has thrust! And the owner can drive and spit Levi Garret at the same f`n time! Shit,,,,,I dunno.

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