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Thread: Looks like we're gonna have a little Girl!!!

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    Some of you know, the wife, Carrie, and I are working on our first child. We went back and forth on wether or not we wanted to find out the sex of the baby but we finally gave in. We're having a little Girl , at least that's what they tell me. We'll find out more at the 3D ultrasound in a month. So far Mom and baby to be are doing well. We counted 10 toes and 10 fingers and all the rest of the stuff that's supposed to be there. Looks like first week of November for delivery, right around my birthday on the 4th. I guess I know what my parents were doing in Feb of 1974 :messedup: .
    Anyway that's the update. Thanks for all the kind words so far,
    Chris "starting my gun collection now for when she starts dating" Mock

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    congrats Chris... very cool
    You know with little girls though, they own you!!! You just can't say no to them

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    Congrats!! Looks like you'll be a busy father by the end of the year.

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    Congrats to you and the Mrs.

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    Congrats on the new little one.

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    Tom Brown
    Congratulations on the orgasm, Chris.
    You have my best wishes for a happy and healthy baby girl.

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    my daughter is now 6 weeks old and we didnt know the sex until they pulled her out... i know how difficult it is to not find out.
    Everyone wants to know.. the doctors almost make slips on the sex until you remind them you dont want to know..
    but congrats on your new bundle of joy..
    i think we need to start a new forum

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    best of luck to your family
    (and it's true, little girls wrap their daddies right around their little fingers :wink:
    Got any names picked out?

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    Congrats brudda. This river season is really suckin, but it's on like Donkey Kong next year...WAKE UP BITCHES!

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    Got any names picked out?
    Lauren Elizabeth
    And Phuggit it is on next Summer but I think I'm gonna be baby sitting while Mrs Mock makes up for nine months of no partying :jawdrop:
    Thanks everyone, we are very excited.

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