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Thread: old poster called up's and down's

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    does anyone know wher i can get a poster from the 70"s (i think) called ups and downs? never been able to track the owner down on that one. anyone got one they dont want? let me know please.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Someone on here was re doing them. I think it was FlatBroke.

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    thanks kflat i want one lol wonder what that chic looks like now ........that was taken in the 70's i think

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    69 Elim
    I have a copy at home on my wall, I think the CF sticker says "76" from memory

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    describe it for us? please......

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    thats the censered version lol hey 76 check your pms sent ya one today

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    Cause "ones up...and the other's down"
    Makes me laugh.. we have it hanging in
    our garage.

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    isnt tourque a wonderfull thing lol

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    if and when some posters like that are found... I COULD USE ONE OF THOSE MYSELF I LIKE!
    pm's no workie now, will check later today

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