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Thread: Gotta Love `EM

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    Damn bro, got my own forum!
    Gotta love those bench racing fags!

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    No focker, this is my forum! Yours is down the road with da PCV valve on it
    My daddys boat is faster than your boat hahaha
    [ July 18, 2002, 07:55 PM: Message edited by: superdave013 ]

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    we missed ya where ya been?

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    Workin` too damn much. VW is selling cars like hotcakes. Keepin` my service dept. busy as all hell. Techs are turnin` 150- 175 hours every 2 weeks. These guys are turnin` and burnin`.

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    Flat rate is a good thing

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    UH, don`t tell my tech`s that! I`ve got a couple problem children that for some reason think comebacks are good. And they deffinately qualify as bench racers.

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