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Thread: How may I tell the difference between 460+429

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    What is the difference between the Ford 460 and the 429? I'm not sure which I have.

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    About 31 cubic inches......LOL- no, seriously you can tell by the stroke only- same bore, same rod length just stroke. What is it you are trying to do? If you have the heads off its easy but if the heads are on you will need to check thru the spark plug hole, not as easy. 429 stroke: 3.59"--460 stroke: 3.85"

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    spectras only
    If it's the original engine installed in your boat,just look at the spark plug thread size. 460's have 14 mm tapered plugs, 429's have 18 mm washered plugs.Other than that you have to check the stroke as 058 said,since heads are interchanged regularily to improve performance.

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    Sorry Spectrasonly but both 429 and 460s have 18mm plugs [1968-72] 18mm are taper seat and 14mm could have O rings or be taper seat. 429s were built from 1968 thru 74 and was dropped from passenger car use. The 460 was built from 1968 thru late 90s. If the engine in your boat is origonal it is more than likely a 460

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    spectras only
    Sorry 058,I don't know what year is Hollis's 460,from 74 or 76, 460's have different heads ,hence the smaller plugs.Those are the smog heads with the bump in the exhaust passages to be milled down and have the pedestal valvetrain.My 76 Spectra came with a 460 new from Spectra marine with the 14 MM plugs ,I built my 429 13 years ago with the 429 heads w/18 mm plugs,Dove-C heads.
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    It's a 1979 Checkmate Enchanter 21' with the Berckley pump and electric Trim-a-Just.
    Although i snapped the cable and am having trouble setting the adjustment. Thankyou both.

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    Dimarco Kid
    Hey Hollis,
    I'm about 100% sure you gotta 460 in ya boat, it's obviously the original engine, and like 058 said, never made a 429 in 79'.
    Maybe I'm wrong
    Dimarco Kid

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    spectras only
    DK, you're not wrong,all 460's came with 460 heads after 1974.The Lincoln Mark III had the 460 that came with the 429 heads in 1968,the first year for that engine.The previous Lincolns had the 430 cu in the early sixties,that they bored to 462.That engine was totally diff from the 460.

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