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Thread: This popped out of the mold after the Pomona Boat Show...

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    Her name is Hannah and she was born Sunday night at 6:43...7lbs 6oz...19'
    Momma and baby are home and feeling great!

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    WOW shes cute, Congrats!
    Welcome to ***boat Hanna
    You diddent walk your wife around the boat show until she went into labor did you?

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    Congrads...Hope everything is well...

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    Big Bear
    When I talked to you before the dam run you said this was close and you were not kidding. Glad to hear Mom and daughter are doing fine. Is she your first? Best of luck to you and your family!!

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    just popped out of the mold,,,lmao

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    Congrats, she looks kinda pissed in that first pic.

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    Will she be Procharged or Whippled??!!! Congrats from all of us here Mike and Margo and the girls.

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    Congrats on your baby from The HOOTS and JR. HOOTS !!!!!! HANNAH is B-E-A-UUUUUUU-TIFUL !!!!!!

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    Baby pics are always good!!

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    Congrats. 5 months from now you will be able to sleep through the night again.
    I am coming up on 6 months, so much better!

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