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Thread: Local lake knowledge

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    newbie Mike
    Hey Guys
    some friends want to go camping in the Flagstaff, Az area over July 4th weekend. They have a lake call Lake Mary, that allows powerboats. Has anyone ever ran their jetboat up there? Does it have a nice boat ramp? Information appreciated.

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    Thats an awful small lake, from what I remember it was a single direction lake like you drive around the lake in one direction. Maybe give Game and Fish a call. I have seen people skiing on it though.

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    UBFJ #454
    Go to:,+AZ
    and scroll Down and to the Left.
    Basically Lake Mary is a Fishing 'Puddle' that will have all kinds of Putt Putt Tin Can Wackers out on it the 4th.

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    Google Maps is bitchen

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