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Thread: My pump shaft threads are chewed and the Bowl

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    End of the shaft is mared from a pipe wrench can this shaft be saved or should I just buy a new one?

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    flat broke
    Originally posted by Hydro-Thunder:
    End of the shaft is mared from a pipe wrench can this shaft be saved or should I just buy a new one?
    Hyrdro Thunder,
    Sorry to hear about your messed up shaft http://free.*** (sorry couldn't resist) Seriously though, pretty much anything can be saved, its just whether or not it's cost effective to do so. I know your in MN so there are other shops that are closer, but I'd give Jack McClure at MPD a call at (949) 631-2040 and talk to him about your problem. You can also email him at I can't speak for the other jet guys between you and California so some of them may be able to help, but I have seen first hand, and through acquaintences on the board, what kind of work Jack can do.
    Hope that helps,
    Chris (

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    Go buy yourself a triangle file and commence to filin.

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    spectras only
    If the thread is beyond repair ,you would have to cut another [smaller size] thread on the shaft on a lathe,and resize the tail shaft diameter and tailshaft bearing.Unless you know someone with a lathe,you're better of buying a good used or new shaft!

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    If the threads aren't too bad, you could try to find a thread file in the right pitch(threads per inch). It will do bit cleaner job of restoring threads than a triangle file.

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    flat broke
    For some reason I was thinking that the rear bushing surface was destroyed as well. In that event, you would need someone to weld the damage and then re-lathe the shaft. This is where you'll want someone who's good because you're going to want to maintain the concentricity of the shaft. I think Jim Lee had some good info on this in the rebuild story he did on his Jacuzi.
    Chris (

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    Thanks for the advice The end is also messed up so I think I am going to pull the enging then nring the shaft to a machine shop and see what they can do for me. I think I will end up having to replace the whole thing http://free.***

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    Why can't yall just chase the threads with a proper sized die to clean them back up a little? Thats where I'd start.
    Leon: A knowledgable old bumpkin from the flatlands of OK.

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    I tryed that but the threads are too far gone. I need to have more material added first but I am afraid if I weld on it it ewill warp the shaft? Any thoughts?

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    spectras only
    Hydro,the only problem with machining your shaft is the tail section.If the thread part can be fixed would be ok,but as you mentioned the tail is chewed up.The tail part should be hard chromed to last,what would make the shaft uneconomical to fix.We have a used shaft that I can check saturday on the lathe for concentricity and condition.If it's checks out ok [might need some dressing or deburring]it would be around 150 $ + shipping.I personally wouldn't bother fixing a shaft by welding up.

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