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Thread: Blythe Conditions?????????

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    Ist trip this season to Blythe.
    I was wondering whats the status on the currant water level??????
    Were going this weekend, I read in the paper a few weeks ago, that Palo Verde dam was diverting 30% of their water to So-Cal.
    The Water gauges on the internet site seem to confirm this??????????????
    I guess I'll find out soon........

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    was their a couple weeks ago and a few times before that waters good in morning and lower in afternoon just like always

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    hey rick didn't you just call me ?

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    hey rick didn't you just call me ?
    Hey I was speaking with my girlfriend, not her husband.................
    See ya Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I need your cell ##, we'll be down Saturday.

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    check your pm's

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    i was last weekend just above the dam, at Twin Palms. EFFIN GREAT!!!!

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