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Thread: My Magic Adventure.....

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    the amazing tale.......
    In a place far far away, TN, I decided, after much research, to buy a 28 Magic Deckboat. I negotiated with the salesman for several weeks with my trade-in and such, but finally came to an agreement. I was all set to drive it out and get things it begins.....
    I get into AZ after driving 30 hours across this wonderful country of ours and walk into the salesroom. I introduced myself to my salesman, that knew I was coming, and he told me he was too busy right then to help me but to come back tomorrrow. I must have had the deer in the headlights look....but I accepted it and checked into the hotel and waited. The next morning I met him, we went over the was very easy. I was basically copying another boat they had there but adding effects to all the peal to the grey, metal flake to others..... It was all set. I turned in my Ultra , drove to San Diego for Carne Asada and then flew home.
    I get a e-mail a few weeks later, open it up to see the great pictures. IT WAS THE FREEKIN WRONG COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where I said orange peal EFFECTS he sprayed it orange. I got on the phone asap...... he appologized and said he would get another one going for me immediately. We were waiting on the motor anyways so no biggie.....
    So a few more weeks go by and I call to see how things are going. He answers the phone all sad and such. I immediately ask whats up......I figure my boats all effed up but it was just him going into rehab....imagine that. He said my boat turned out perfectly and sent me far as I could tell it was perfect. I could not see the details but it was the right color.
    The boat was finished on time so i scheduled our flights out to San Diego to get my truck and vacation some.....
    I arrive into Havasu and the boat is in the showroom all purdy....but NO EFFECTS..........ZERO!!!!! Just a real good graphic job. I was miffed to say the least. Ron was the one showing it to me...I had no idea it was even him. He just walked away when I said something. Never introduced thank NOTHING.
    After fueling it, myself (I guess when I only spent $130K you dont get gas) my salesman met me and my friend at the dock. We went out but had to come back to re-prop it. I dropped my friend off and was floating when I noticed the bimini was off one side and in the other...I looked closer and saw MAJOR gouges in my gel...through the gel actually into the fiberglass....I lost it.... It was the smoothest f-bomb 5 minute rant ever....while unclasping the bimini to throw it in the lake. I was all set to throw it in when my buddy came around the corner with the trailer. So it will live to see another day...along with my salesman.....(this was Sat)
    Monday I was told to come in for ALL the repairs....all the doors needed to be adjusted, the tab ram was leaking, the obvious bimini repairs, plus took 7 hours to do them. I finally got outta Havasu at 3pm. Before leaving I went to Discount tire for air and to check both trailer and truck for safety.
    No one still ever said a word like thanks...nothing... it was truely amazing.
    SO...(and here you thought it was over....its just about to get interesting) 5 hours out into Winslow AZ....the middle of fricken no where..a tire passes me on the freeway...ok...just a little heads up, when this happens its usually not good. I watch it in like sureal slow motion....hoping that as it heads towards oncoming traffic it stops. thank God it did. So I pulled over, walked the 1/4 mile in the center sagebrush...feeling like a schmuck....walking back, with the tire...bigger schmuck.... then limped it a half mile to the nearest offramp. A service station guy was kind enough, for $50, to drive up two exits to Napa and get me new studs and nuts. All were broken and lost. While he was gone I was struck with a Magic and tell them to bring an axel, wheel/tire ASAP. They got someone loaded and off he went. At 11pm he showed up...midnight we were done. He did all the work...from the race out all new. I was totally impressed with the service of Magic. They stepped up and went above and beyond the call. Props to them!!!!!!!!
    I left 15 hours later stopped for 3 hours....15 hours later I was home...just in time to unwrap the boat and jump into my wifes car to drive 40 minutes each way to the airport to pick the family up.
    This is the best we came around the corner they saw the boat...THEY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! They knew I was buying a boat but had no idea what it was or what it looked like. Makes all my kah-rap I went through worth it. We are all scheduled for our madien voyage Sat...I will post some pics after that. Its in my garage would not do it justice.
    BTW: It ran 78GPS with 5 guys and 100 gallons of fuel with a 100 plus degree day. Ran great too!!!!!!!!!

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    I can't tell from your post if you're happy or sad.
    That is what I was thinking

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    Wow Sounds Like You Went Threw A Ton Of Crap That You Shoudlnt Of For The Amount Of Coin You Were Throwin Down. Glad Everything Worked Out For Ya. Look Forward To The Pics.

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    if i had a saleman that i had made a deal with on the phone and scheduled an appointment.. then when i show up, was told to come back the next day.. i would have went to a different boat mfg. sounds like more trouble then i would have put up with. at least i hope you and your family are happy with the boat.

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    so your happy but pissed?My experience was opposite,sales was great ,serv was so so,hopefully service is doing better,sounds like it.No real service complaints,I just think they are overworked and need more employees,Im sure Clu would agree.Why did the wheel fall off?Loose lug nuts????I didnt gas either if that makes you feel any better.I was kinda thinking about that while filling the tanks at around 250$,after writing a check for 95ish...At least you made it home before we get wiped out by the big EARTHQUAKE,its coming,gotta be.Did your sales guy drop the ball you think?Also,Ron did our walk through,I had no idea who he was.

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    Phat Daddy
    I'm confused , no effects, good service or what

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    I can't tell from your post if you're happy or sad.
    I had the same feeling

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    I am happy with it. Pissed about the graphics. Being 2000 miles away was tough...shouldnt have been, but was. As well..... the first day I went there....if i would have walked out they would never have called or asked why....i hope they are just in the middle of a transition....if they keep it up they will have quite the reputation. Did I mention pissed about the graphics? ...and I think the saleman never wants to see me again after my rant...... I think, with good cause, he was fearing for his safety.

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    Was that you on Sunday at the little convience store on Industrial lugging a couple a big bags of ice? We we headed out and I thought it might be you.
    I glad you got that rig back home in one piece, but I would not be happy with Magic at all. Did you at least get something back because the effects on the graphics were wrong?

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    it looks good from the avatar picture,did the sales guy name start with C?or was it the new guy?

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