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Thread: Sandiego to Laughlin

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    Whats the fastest way?? :mix: Thanks

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    I15 to the 40 is the fastest....Ive done it through havasu,took longer

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    Miss Perfect
    Whats the fastest way?? :mix: Thanks
    Hey, you're not going anywhere! Bud says get your butt back to work.

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    Im already on the road :messedup:

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    Miss Perfect
    Oh man you guys suck. Well..... your wifey is ok cause she got me a cool present today.

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    Hey MP trying to hit 200 I see.

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    Miss Perfect
    Hey MP trying to hit 200 I see.
    Yep! hey looky there, I just got another one!

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    Miss Perfect
    Ah ha.... and I just noticed that I have left you in the dust

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    15N to 215N, 60 East to 10 east, Rice road to Desert Center, then North to 40, then North on River Road to Laughlin or something like that....
    Whenever we've gone 15 to 40, there's always been some accident that shuts down the freeway for an hour......So I vowed not to do it again. Plus its boring as hell, at least this way the road wiggles a little bit.

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