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Thread: Need Info on RamsHorn Style Reverse Bucket,,,I'm Confused

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    This may seem silly, but I really like the looks of the RamsHorn style reverse buckets and I would like to buy one. The problem is that I can't find one anywhere. Were they ever offered from the pump manufacturers or are they all fabricated by owner parts? Do any of you guys know how well they work or why they were designed in the first place? Help????

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    Take a look over here -------->>>>

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    Nucking futs
    If your talking about the reverse gate, it was made for the race nozzel which has no opening at the bottom for the water to escape.It escapes out the sides and give you the same result. Im not a real big fan of them being when you goose it in reverse, it kinda swamps the boat.

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    I've got a polished one for sale. $150.

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    150 polished is a good price. I got mine on e-bay then had it polished and that is what I am in it for. You can find them on e-bay you just have to watch.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    The rams horn rev doesn't work as well and it's easier to blow it off. Budlight

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    They don't work for didly squat. Also, if you have a PD or JetOVator, be sure it's in the up position when you're in reverse, ot you'll definately fill the back of your boat with water. :notam:

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    Jim Brock
    I have one, do you just want the gate or the whole race nozzle, Jim

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    No Taylorman, that's not the one I am talking about. I don't know where to find a picture of one or I would send it to you so that you could see what I am talking about.
    Okay guys, I have since been talked out of going with this style of reverse bucket, and I will be keeping what I have. Thanks very much for the input.
    JEThro, that is a good deal for a polished piece and I would have bought it from ya if I would not have changed my mind. I will put the word out around here that you have one for sale though.

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