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Thread: So I'm drinking in Walnut Creek and .....

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    someone yells out "Diggler!!"
    I turn, and see two folks I'd never seen before. Lo and behold, it's the Aquaboogie's!! Gotta say, these are great folks. I promise the both of you a ride in the boat. Also, I'm fulfilling my promise of putting the pictures up that you wanted. Glad to meet you folks!
    Mr. and Mrs (soon) Aquaboogie
    Mr. Aquaboogie gettin' it on!
    Me and Ms. Diggler

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    What about my ride in the boat?

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    Looks like the P-Ale House, good choice. Was there last week also.

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    Aqua Boogie1
    Hey Diggg,
    It was good finally meeting you face to face, the last time we saw you, you were zoooooming by us in the delta. I definitly want that ride with 800hp behind me. I'll just tell everyone your my driver and Im chillin!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will definitly be hooking up this summer, talk to you soon!!!
    Ps. Thanxs for cold ones!!!!!!!!!!!

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    diggler, hows she running? How fast?

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    Looks like nothing but a good time

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    Hey, there's ***boat peeps in Norcal? We might have to start something up here.

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    a catered life
    another brother on the boards

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