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Thread: Biggest Party of the year

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    Chesapeake City Maryland is the place. Beer, boats, and beads are the game. Over 400 boats will be there on June 25, and 800 people in Chespeake Inn, a bar and grill, the back drop for this yearly bash. I'll be there in my 74 sleekcraft jetboat, wearing a smile. If you wan't more info E-mail me at

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    fat rat
    Where's this place at?

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    Wet Dream
    Hey Rat. Wideopen and I both tried to get in touch with this 2 post wonder, but the email address is bunk. After looking on the map, its directly across the bay from Havre De Grace, on the east side. Adds maybe 20 minutes to my drive. So when I saw this on the map, I'm wondering if this "400 boats" is actually something going on over there at Chesapeake City, or if its the sandbar that we've all been to that he's referring to?

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    fat rat
    Maybe 737Jetmech or Hammer can shed some light on this......anyways it's next weekend, are you going?

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    Wet Dream
    Doubt it.

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    It's not the sand bar, but it is in Cheasapeake City. And whoever tried my e-mail I'm sorry, it's a new one and I guess I f...... up. The real e-mail is

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    Or no try I'm stupid!

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    Wet Dream
    I've been doing alot of digging and it is real, but is it more accomodating for the bigger boats or what? It actually sounds pretty nice.

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    you have bin doing some diggin. You can put in at Delaware City boat ramp and it's only right around the corner. Though I'm putting in at Augustine Beach boat ramp because I have a couple of bigger Scarab's going with me to break the wake in front of me.

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    Wet Dream
    Here is the best link I could find.
    Chesapeake Inn (

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