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Thread: Steering question

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    I seem to have alot of play in my steering wheel (about 6+ inches). what is the normal play? what can i do to fix, if neccesary?
    im clueless...duh

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    ummmmm six inches is no good sir maybe a half inch or so would be nromal if that. check the steering shaft to the cable. and the cable to the fitting on your type of drive. is it a jet? i presume so since you posted it here. if you have a jet you might cheack the joint where it goes through the transom. hope this helps . post pics if you can.

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    I'll try to post some pix tomorrow and info, just got back from the river and im used up :wink:

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    ahhell as soon as your less spent let these guys know what kind of steering you have. Is it Rack & pinion? Morseteleflex? could be the gears are warn out but still kinda catching.
    Squirtcha? and a few others have replaced their cables and may be able to help.

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    Sell it and buy a new boat. How could you possibly have 6 inches of freeplay in a cable system? Look for the big loop of cable somewhere. Good luck. :notam:

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