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Thread: Controlling water TEMP with faucet type valve

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    I have a 460 w/ a berkley pump. There is a faucet type valve that controls the amount of water that goes into the engine. Is this what you use to control the water temp by opening it more for cooler temp and by closing it more to raise the temp. I know it may be a dumb question but I was just wondering.
    Becuase I have mine half open and temp is about 100 degrees. I dont feel comfortable closing it any more. Is there any harm by having the valve open all the way?

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    That is what the valve is used for. 100 degrees is too cold. Most people set to 160-180 at cruise. When you adjust, do it in small increments(1/8 to 1/4 turn). You might also want to look into a thermostat system. CP Performance sells them. DO NOT use an automotive setup! (
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    OLDSQUIRT, Is it normal then to have the valve barley open (maybe one complete turn) to get the temp to run at 160 degrees. It seems like my boat starts to run crapy if I start to close the valve more then half way. I know the temp gauge works. Does it take much flow for the engine to run at the proper temp.

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    I've never actually checked to see how far mine is open. Ive been running it this way for almost twenty years. Never needed more than a small adjustment to compensate for changes in water temp through the summer.

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    OLDSQUIRT, I went to the site u mention, it seems the application is only for Chevy and not FORD.
    Maybe I'll just try again by adjusting the valve like u mention. Who knows, maybe I just thought it was running crapy because the engine sounded different because of less water going through the exhaust.

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    CP part number for Ford t-stat is 620-50460. It is slightly different than the Chev/Olds setup, but does the same thing. You may also be able to find it somewhere local. Lots of high performance boat shops in So-Cal.

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    On my boat I have the gate valve open about 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn and that keeps the engine at about 150. But I am running basset headers.
    If your running logs or something that pre-heats the water before enteringthe engine it will require more water.
    I would not run a thermostat system because on a car with the thermostat closed the water pump circulates thye water inside the motor, but on a boat with the thermostat closed the water is not moving (no water pump) and the water at the thermostat I know is not getting as hot as quick as water back by cylinders 7,8.
    food for thought

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    I would agree with OldSquirt, 100 degrees is WAY too cold. I usually have mine at about 165, and adjust it depending on the water temp. The valves are usually VERY sensitive to the slightest adjustment, so just make small turns until you get it right.

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    By the way, mine valve is usually open to 3/4 of a turn to almost one full turn. I would start at 3/4 turn for a baseline setting, and go from there. -Dick Danger out

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    spectras only
    Van Deano, try this ; run your boat WOT for a few minutes wit a buddy riding with you,adjust the valve slowly until you reach no more than 160degrees.When the reading is consistant,go down to idle and observe the temperature after the engine cooled off.You should see a temp drop at idle.Running your engine cold will cause smoke at your transom,and moisture build up in your valvecover,causing the oil look like you dumped Irish Bailey's http://free.*** in your crank case.

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