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    Hi All,
    This is a clean 1986 '20 Sleekcraft SST w '86 Yamaha 200 on a Gil bracket.
    It is in very good condition always stored under a cover. the paint is excellent. the uphostery is original and in very nice shape, with no rips or tears, The carpet is in good shape, unstained. There are 415 hours on the motor. I did 68-70 mph on the speedo, 2 days ago with a 25P ski prop, 2 full tanks of gas, (2x 20 gal each), a full boat load of stuff, anchor, cover etc etc, and a 270# fat ass white boy at the helm (me). on half trim.
    I think w some set up it could do 75+ MPH easy
    The trailer is in good original shape, w 4 new rims and tires.
    All the guages work, there is an electric fuel pressure switch for changing tanks.
    The driver sits left and the throttle is down on the right between the seats, like a car shifter. The guy I got it from ordered it built from the factory that way.
    It is an all original boat in very nice condition. I put in 3 new auto bilge pumps and a new battery this month. TRuned yesterday w plugs filters tunning top and WP and gear case L/U
    The boat starts great runs great, no problems at all. I'm on it a few hours every day.
    A boat I really want came back up for sale so I'm trying to put that together.
    (this sale is contingent on that one)
    The boat is located in the Portland Oregon area.
    Delivery to the Norcal/SF bay area on completed sale is Very possible.
    Here is a link to pics,
    Email me at

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    Tunnel Vision
    I thought you just bought that!
    Why are you selling?
    Did'nt you just move that from the columbia river to the willamette?
    TV :crossx:

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    Yes all true.
    A 24' offshoe boat that I've been interested in just came available.
    I'm having alot of fun with the Sleek Craft and it is perfect for the Wilamette, but the offshore boat is more my style. Possibly even race it with new power. (I grew up in Miami with Offshore racing, My brother is a former Offshore World Champ from the 90's).
    I had looked into this boat before buying the SST, but it wasn't coming together. I'm having it compression checked this weekend.
    If it doesn't work out, I'll be very happy to keep the SST. I'm on the water every day in it and having alot of fun.

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