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Thread: Photo Chop of the Week here in the Sandbar

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    Congrats to Holy Moly on a chop well done!

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    I almost hernaited myself laughing at that ..Someone buy that focker a few beers!

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    Beaumont must be proud of its favorite son ....... That is too funny!

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    so hey ive got a ? did frenchie jerk off dog or something? ive been trying to fiure it out, i gus ill find out all about ou guys when i gt to meet all of you in person when i get back from this deployment. oh well keep stroken it frenchie or whatever?!

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    Red Horse
    I just got back from watching a comedy show and loggin on to Hot boat and seeing this was the funniest thing!!!! :2purples: :2purples: :2purples: :2purples: :supp:

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    That is FUNNY well done

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    Funny yes but also time too put it to rest, the Horse is dead...

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    Thats some funny shit there. As far as putting it to bed, I agree.....he has caught a lot of sh*t for his actions, and for a guy who has gone out of his way to help so many board members, I think enough is enough. But I just have to ask, what did he think was going to happen when we all found out?

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    Oh my gosh that is funny.

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    chop chop till ya drop
    chop chop neva stop

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