Some of you may have read in the "West" forum my other post regarding me getting my boat back from a buyer (friend) that backed out after having it in his possesion for about a year. Basically it boils down to everything I replaced or fixed the season before is now ruined or broken.
Specs on the boat are as follows: 70's 18' Southwind, 455 Olds, rebuilt about 10 hours ago, all stock minus a Holley carb. Jacuzzi jet out back. Don't know what model number the jet is as I am not the educated that far yet. :hammerhea
So, last night I decided to get her fired again due to the fact she hadn't been started in almost two years. I primed the main fuel line, disconnected the pump, changed out the battery and turned the key. She fired up after a little hesitation. Sounded like it was just the fuel getting through all the lines. Once the entire system was primed from a little cranking, she fires now with just the turn of the key, no gas. However, I can tell there is some work ahead.
This thread is going to be about all the little tweaking and nick knacks that need to be taken care of. This will not just be about the engine and pump but also questions regarding floor repair, paint repair, etc. So please stay tuned and patient as I may ask some basic questions. I'll start off with these...
1) I noticed when I was pushing the throttle linkage on the carb that the linkage for the secondaries are not connected. They were when I gave the boat to the buyer but it looks like someone did some "tweaking" of their own. So, the little rod that comes off of the throttle linkage and goes to the secondaries linkage is there however not bolted down in any way. How does this linkage get connected so I can have secondaries again?
2) What jets are recommended for the carb on a stock 455? When I gave the boat a little gas, there was a decent amount of black smoke coming out the ass end. It has always ran rich since we rebuilt the engine. Probably due to the carb coming off of my buddies Jeep and we not touching anything on it.
3) How do you set total timing? I have the base timing set around 10* however I never learned in Auto shop how to set the total timing.
Answers to these questions will surely help me for this weekend. I am meeting up with Bigamist and Rev. Williams. out at Lake Piru.