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Thread: installing a powerglide in my flattie v drive

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    installing a power glide in my 69 raysoncraft flatbottom v drive with a 454. what does it take to do.what happens with the forward facing mount. how do you run the cooler lines. do you need to fab a tranny mount. what parts are needed

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    dont waste your money

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    dont waste your money?????????? This coming from a Jet boat guy. Who has reverse...... :hammer2:
    The glide is ok but a Turbo 400 is a much better choice. I have had the idea of using a air cooled Glide for a long time. That way you won't need a cooler.
    Park is nice because you won't need a anchor.........

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    I'll give you an air cooled 'glide if you want to come and get it. It's still in the car ('63 Nova), but needs to come out to make room for my 5-speed.

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    that is a swell offer. i will be on the next greyhound bus to mo. it would only take a few days. i agree with the one that says it would be a waste. well that is if you own a jet. it would bolt in. and the jet is only limited to the spped the pump pushes, but the flatties have a couple of things that make a hassel. haveing to warm your boat up in nuteral, then shutting it off to put in drive. no reverse, im not sure that would work. i heard flats want to pull themselfs under in reverse. having a second gear would be cool drop rpm and more speed, plus gas milage. but over all the nuteral to drive to nuteral would have a ton of benfits.

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    Thats the best part. Neutral to forward is much nicer with the trans.

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    I have put several glides in boats with great success. Infact go to my site and check out the red Deaver. Sprint car coupler, reverse manual valve body,shorty dragster rear. I made a puke tank system because it would leave so hard the fluid would climb the pump and blow out the vent. And I added a cooler which keeps everything just right. Call me im sure I can make your's much less painfull in the long run. Mike :argue: :cry:

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