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Thread: hot pump

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    the other night I was pulling the plug and I put my hand on the pump to balance and it was pretty warm. Then I realized I had just floated it for about 4-5 minutes waiting for my dad with the trailor, so it must have been really warm. What do you guys think?

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    come on guys!

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    the thrust bearing area gets pretty warm but not hot run it again and then check it when it starts to go out it should start to moan a little.

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    THere is a lot of water runnin though there. Lot of friction. I would not doubt if all the friction makes the pump warm. I will check my boat next trip too!

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    1978 Rogers
    Mine gets a little warm.

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    Hot engine water draining back into the pump after shutdown.

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    oooohh yeeahh, hot engine water, that makes sense.

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    mine gets pretty hot, i just had it rebuilt, it only has about 5 hours on it. but it deos get kinda hot around the drive shaft and thurstbearing area, any reason why?

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    AFI, Are you running your boat on the trailer? If so, yes the shaft will get hot due to the packing rings that seal the shaft rubbing on the shaft. Water lubricates these things and keeps them cool. If your shaft is getting hot you are wearing it out prematurely amoungst many other things. Running a jet pump out of the water is not a good thing. Even hooked up to the hose is not good. If you must run the motor disconnect the pump or run it on the trailer at the lake.

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    no not while on the trailor, on the water in the river. it gets pretty warm, not so hot as to not be able to rest your hand on it but its pretty warm.

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