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Thread: Kicker KS6.2 Components in party barge????

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    Adam from wired 4 sound is recommending these speakers along with the amps to run on our clarion XMD3 marine unit. THis if for our new party barge and all the speakers on on the floor level. We are planning on running 8 6.5's with components with 1 15 inch Kicker sub to finish it off.
    Currently the boat has one battery and a V6 engine. So i am sure we will have to adopt a Generator setup. I know there is some other unit i will need to get anyone have any ideas.

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    I've got 2 pairs of the 6.5 components in my truck and they kick ass. Everything in my truck is Kicker and I have no complaints at all. Adam did the install on my truck and I've seen his work in many boats and am continually impressed.

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    Although Components work really well in an enclosed vehicle they are NOT the best option for an open environment.
    I can guarantee that if you were to take the same series speakers in a 6x9 you would notice much more volume and less distortion, in a boat application. This has been a never ending argument of 6.5s vs. 6x9s but I have built Identical boats side by side using all the same equipment (Amps, head unit, woofers etc...) Speaker placement on both boats were the same. the only difference was one customer demanded 6.5s (he was told by some shop in Temecula that they were the way to go) and the other customer went with our recommendation and went with 6x9s. The boat with the 6x9s played much louder before distorting and could also be heard much farther away. When it came time to deliver the boat with the 6.5s the customer wanted to hear the boat with the 6x9s so I played it for him, then we went and listened to his boat. He was so unhappy with the sound he had us take out all the 6.5s and swap them for 6x9s.
    Like I said the boats were identical.
    The boats were Force offshore cats
    Head unit= Alpine (dont remember model#)
    Amp1= Rockford P8004
    Amp2= Rockford p1001bd
    Subs= (2) Rockford punch he2 12"
    cables= Monster Cables
    Speakers= Eclipse SE series
    I have built numerous boats and have never seen where a 6.5 (of the same series) sounded better than a 6x9. Car systems are different 6.5s will perform better than 6x9s in an enclosed vehicle application.

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    WHat is the going rate on a good set of 6x9's. Not the highest class but a good set??? And do 6x9's need more power than a 6

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    Yo Krumb, don't mess with that old clarion deck... Have Adam put the CMD4 in your boat.. It's Ipod ready, sirrus ready, 3 preouts, has the new LCD readout remote, and is much beter lookiing...

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    WHat is the going rate on a good set of 6x9's. Not the highest class but a good set??? And do 6x9's need more power than a 6
    A decent set of 6x9s will runin the $150-200 range

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    river chaser
    Just wired fosgate 6x9 3 ways, 5.5 with 2 adjustable 2 ways by fosgate; 300watt fosgate amp for the highs, 100 fosgate amp for the 10 fosgate woofer in a bazooka tube.
    For me, the boat is louder than I should listen too! 2nd in the stereo contest of cheetah (only becuase I played a song with no bass) but fosgate is the way to go! If you can run all 6x9, go fosgate 3 ways! You will rock with very high highs! Bazooka tube is the way to go, you won't be disappointed with the bass!

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