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    Hey wait is finally over..the past 6 weeks have been hell. (boat was in the shop) this saturday i will pick up my boat with my brand new motor. I call the shop yesterday and got to hear it run over the cant even imagine how stoked i was. any way will soon be cruising up the parker strip (june 15-17) any one wanna meet up please reply.
    take care happy jetters!

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    Mellow, good to hear, I do know the feeling of not have your boat for a while. What motor did you get in your boat, what work did you have done to it? Good luck!
    Got a picture?

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    hey hb, i went with a mild 454. strong cam decent heads and 10-1 forged pistons. also has holley dual feed 750 with torquer II intake, basset twistie headers! i will take lots of pics as soon as i get home saturday and if you give me your e-mail address i will send them. i have a few pics now.
    if you want i can send them?!

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    yeah, i can't wait till i finish my project of putting mine back together. it's been 2 yrs now. And i haven't ran this boat yet, but i should be up by mid july and aleast get some chances of running it.
    been making all kinds of mods to engine and seating arrangments and paint, getting excited and can't wait. but this is what happens when you buy a used boat on boat and the ad says needs work.
    but for $900 you get a 25 foot Sleekcraft with 455 olds engine and road runner trailer you can't complain to much, boat looks so much better than when it was, 1st purchased.

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    Brian, when you get some Pictures up send them over. I'd like to see what you've got. I'm working on some pictures of my own.

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    Mellow, send me your pics when you can. Some before and after shots would be great. I bet you can't wait for tomorrow...

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