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Thread: 19 CP Project..........Done

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    SoCal Power
    Thought I would share this with you jetters. As some of you know, I rigged 90% of the CPs from 1982 through 1995. I took on a little part-time project about 2 years ago and finished it recently. It runs out of Aha Quin and should get a little respect once she's dialed in...........

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    Wow, that looks really nice. Congrats on the completion, now go have fun with it. :devil:

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    Bryan Rose

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    Nucking futs
    That thing looks bitchen. I would like to see more on the hyd. steering please..........

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    Your timing couldn't be better. I see some ideas there that I may be able to "borrow" for my 18' Gullwing project.

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    That Thing Is Bad Ass. Super Clean. Have Fun With It.

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    really good looking boat! Congrats, the two years paid off big time.

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    Very Nice. I would really like to see more that steering, it looks like a really cool set up. Who makes it?

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    wow! love it man. Hardlines (along with every thing else) looks super sano!

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    Looks Very Nice!
    But how are the motor plates mounted to the rails? Am I missing something?

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