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Thread: Battery Options

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    I am about to replace both batteries, will go Optima, and am ready to install a full audio system in the boat as well. Since I have two batteries, what do you recomend, red top or blue top, or both. Run the stereo off the red, engine and the rest off of blue??
    Also I don't want to cut into the dash for the receiver, even nervous about seat bases and braces for speakers, any suggestions for a way of mounting the reveiver under the dash??
    I also have a pair of polk outdoor speakers that are unopened, but I guess they are 8 ohm. What applications do any of you see for the boat. Do I just need a higher power amp, or should I just save them for the backyard??
    Thanks guys...

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    Tom Brown
    D34M (blue top, gray sides) Optima for the stereo (preferably 2 of these)
    Red top for the starting battery
    * get a smart charger that will turn itself off when the batteries are fully charged. I'd pop for one of the automatic Schumachers from Walmart.

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    Tom Brown
    Has anyone checked out Optima's twin battery case?

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    Has anyone checked out Optima's twin battery case?
    It's plastic? Looks like shit..

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    All right, one blue, one red. I have a witch, 1, 2, All, None. I have to asume whichever one is currently switched to is charging when the boat is running, so can this hurt either of these batteries. I would have to assume not, but any related thoughts?
    The double set-up is nice, but it is nice to split one battery for one side and the other on the other side.

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    Phat Matt
    Has anyone checked out Optima's twin battery case?
    That's the troll fury.

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    I would go with 2 BLue tops (light grey sides) they have the best warranty of all Optimas.
    I would also go with one of RDs dual Batt. Holders they seem to be one of the best looking and best built Holders for the Optimas.

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    Tom Brown
    I second the recommendation for two blue tops, if you plan to use the starting battery on the stereo. Don't forget, there are two blue top batteries. One is deep cycle, one isn't. You need the one with the gray sides.
    If the battery is only for starting, I'd go with a red top.
    RD's holders look OK but I like the troll fury.

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    river chaser
    Blue tops, have had one of mine since 1997! Still running strong!

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