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Thread: TOBTEKS boat sauce

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    almost sounds gay.we will be in the channel saturday,by noon I hope,not sure where,maybe the north end near the new condos.TOB gave me 4 gallons this morning to sell,so if you want some look for us,cash would be best,30$ a gallon I think,depends on how much Im drinking.heres a boat pic ,look for us,,Im leaving in about 2 hours,yeahhttp://www2.***

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    damn it

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    Why don't you just walk 4 houses down, smack him over the head with your cap, and tell him what's up!

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    First of all who in their right mind would buy a Magic boat...what a loser!! jk.... Actually...nice graphics..... they do make a good lookiing boat. And.....I bought a gallon of each from Toby...that krap is amazing..... I have not used the wax yet but thats what what they say is truely amazing...cant wait to use it this weekend.

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