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Thread: Greg Shoemaker no longer jet tech?

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    Just got the September issue of Hot Boat and noticed that we have a new jet tech!!

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    I saw that. Welcome, welcome welcome. Seemed to be some pretty good input. I was sorry to see that they're having trouble getting letters for V-drive tech. I hope it's not a dying breed.

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    I think Hot Boat needs to make the tech columns a paid position. Greg is probably a great guy, but he often gave somewhat inaccurate (due to editing, perhaps?) information. I'm guessing because he did it free of charge he may have not spent the time required to make sure answers were accurate and complet. Can't blame Greg too much, but a lot of people were taking his advice at face value; a phone call to Greg would likely produce much, much better information.

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    No lost sleep on my part to see (hear) greg go another direction and away from Hot Boat.

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    A paid position??
    How much business do you think he made from that column?? Not a month went by that he did not have a reason to put his number in to call if they could not find what they needed.
    Not that I blame him, or any of the tech people, that is the best reason to do it. Everyone across the nation gets to see the name, they get comfortable that if they go to them they will be going to the best. Nice to know that there is someone out there to ask questions of.
    I'm sure Teague gets a lot of business for all the work he does with Powerboat mag.

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    I was trying to be kind in bidding farewell. Yes, I think a paid position would be a good idea; might attract a quality jet-head. Most folks who know anything about motors or jets spotted the frequently erroneous information immediately and I'd venture to say GS lost more business from the knowledgeable as he gained from the easily duped. Overall, I have no doubt the column and the bad press GS got as a result of his 'free advice' cost him business and it will continue to do so for a long, long time. Also, if the position were paid it would eliminate the gratuitous groveling for business at the end of each Jet Tech response.

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    I had GS rebuild my pump because he wrote the Jet Tech column and I figured he'd be the best.
    I pulled my pump and took it to Corona (quite a haul from Fresno)
    When I got there I met Greg and he's a very likeable and personable guy. I'm sure Greg knows pumps, but Greg has a guy that does pumps for him.
    My pump was pretty tight, but an intake finger had broken off and went through the pump damaging the impeller.
    The 4 day turn around with free freight turned into a 4 week turn around with $75 S&H. I was charged $275 for a "rebuild kit" that did not include an impeller, O ring, transom gasket, or even the nylon bushings.
    I had also ordered and paid for a new intake grate.
    When my pump arrived via UPS I opened the box and the only thing there was my pump .. no intake grate, O ring, or transom gasket.
    I called GS and spoke to the secretary who checked with "the pump guy" who said that those things didn't come in the rebuild kit and if I paid for a intake grate, then they shipped me an intake grate. Finally after 2 more days and many phone calls I convinced the secretary that I really hadn't received the intake grate that I paid for and she said she would ship "another one".
    The bottom line is that a cheezy rebuild cost me $805.13, took a month to get my pump back, and made me wish I'd taken it somewhere else.
    I've been stewing over this for 2 years now and am really reluctant to slam anyone on a board like this, but I figured the story needed to be told.

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    Bubble, for future pump work, call Jack at MPD in Costa Mesa, Ca (949-631-2040) He's the best! Just call him and talk to him. Oh, and he is the one that does the pump work.

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    HB I have heard nothing but good things about Jack. I'll be talking to him when the time comes ..
    thanx :-)

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    Cry, cry, cry, all you little penny pinching jet boat weenies want something for nothing. DO you know who you're dealing with? Mr. Shoemaker deals with the BIG MONEY BOYS and proffessional racers of which he were one. He has big expenses, etc. What do you want ?, a "fair price"? Get a clue! The reason he fired HOT BOAT MAG was cause the sucratory you talked to demanded a raise cause she got tired of having to call Tom Papp and Jack McClure to get the answers to all the dumb questions you guys kept bothering them with. The phone bills were killing them. And as for taking 4 weeks, well I imagine the timeline went something like this. 1 week to find where you left it in the shop( they probably though it was an anchor cause YOU didn't label it stating "Jet pump" in 3ft by 3ft letters. 1 day to take it apart, 2 weeks to scrounge up some parts,(not their fault, the parts driver was on a break), 1 day to find the wrench, 1 day to assemble pump, 4 days freight( union drivers, you know), as I see it you got your pump 1 day ahead of schedule. And for Greg being a nice guy, he's a very nice guy and the next time you have a dumb question , don't hesitate to call, just have your M/C or VISA card handy and he'll be more than happy to help you out.

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