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Thread: Need your creative imagination............

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    We just bought a trailer at Katherines Landing, a few other hot boat peeps have places there (or near there) and we need a name............for our group
    Some ideas:
    Katherines All Stars (j/k)
    K Row(j/k)
    Trailer Park Posse
    Mohave Mafia
    Landing's Lushes
    Kates Krew
    Mohave Mobile Members?
    Basin Bastards & Bitches (lol)
    Please feel free to add your own..........
    (be nice)

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    Um, why?

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    cause we need a name for all our peeps,
    (come on and play Mandy)

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    Phat Matt
    Katherines Kool Klan
    I vote for this one. It should do well with the Afican American community. :jawdrop:

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    This is probably pretty lame..

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    I didn't even think of that, I'm deleting it as we speak :cry:

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    Phat Matt
    I didn't even think of that, I'm deleting it as we speak :cry:
    It's ok. I quoted it for you. lol

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    THANKS! :jawdrop:

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    How about, "The Hooters got a place to kick it now when they are at Mojave Klan"? Congrats Deb. The Woods were telling me about it at Dam Run.

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    We are very excited, I'm having a girls only trip the last week of July if ya want to come on up, oh wait..........I mean YOUR WIFE.
    Fair warning, we are CLEANING this trailer, but good, shampooing carpet , laying down some shelf paper, etc... :rollside:
    then going to Laughlin,
    I Might bring my boat, if I get REALLY good at towing and launching and docking

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