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Thread: Phebus?

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    Howz the recovery? r u ready to go for a boat ride yet?

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    Nope, I'm screwed. None of the surgeries (3) have cured my problems, so I am scheduled for a three level fusion on the 27th if I can make it till then. Doctor said it will probably be sooner. They have me drugged to the max on morphine, and a host of other drugs, but it doesn't stop the pain. I will be lucky to see the river this year, it will be a long rehab.
    I hope things are going god for you, and the family problems have worked themselves out. I an't wait to see you on the water again, and check out your beautifull boat.

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    Mrs. 4-B
    Hey Rick, we miss you guys! So bummed about your back. Wishing you the best and hope this surgery relieves your pain. We need to get you bsack out on the water!

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    Rick, be sure to hang in there... I am working today and tomorrow, I will get a hold of you... we should talk...
    or give a call at 38

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    If there is anything you need, you gotta let me know bro!
    it'll be done!

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    Well, just got back from a two day stay at the hospital. Some complications that had to be dealt with. Fusion will be in less then two weeks, and even though it will be a long recovery, I can't wait.

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    Tell them to get it right, you want to buy your ski back. j/k Hope they get you fixed, Rick. Just tell them, Larry said!!!!!

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    Rick, had L-4 and L-5 about 11 years ago. You'll be better soon bro, just be cool and let it all heal, it'll be worth it.
    Thoughts and prayers dude.
    Good luck

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